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The nation's waste problem

Unbridled, uncontrolled disposal of garbage is the cancer of our society. Today’s hyper-developing India is stymied by the growing task of waste management, disposal and education. Over the next 10 years, India will generate almost one billion tons of waste. Right now most of this waste is simply dumped - creating a health hazard and an environmental time bomb from greenhouse gas emissions, polluting leachates, and plastic that's choking the oceans.

Government, industry and society are faced with the daunting challenge of rethinking their approach, systems and services associated with waste disposal. But where does the problem begin? Any one individual or organisation cannot solve this problem. A business as usual approach will not work. It’s time to start the clean up, bottom up. To bring together disruptive thinkers, tinkerers and innovators to rethink, redesign and reimagine systems, services & constructs. To completely reimagine the problem of waste.

Who we are

Waste Impact Trust incubates partners who are building environment management services that preserve the environment, and are financially sustaining. Registered as a trust in November 2014, Waste Impact's aim is to take innovations to grass roots level and improve the livelihoods of the waste pickers and other communities. Our long term goals are:

⦁    To reduce waste dumped in India.

⦁    To create a more sustainable future for India’s cities.

⦁    To make the economically challenged communities of India part of the solution. 

We identify low cost, high impact, inclusive solutions primarily by conducting hackathons: innovation events - in partnership with renowned institutions such as the IISc - in which the economically challenged and marginalised communities participate along with the best talents of the country. The best solutions which emerge are incubated, implemented on the ground, and scaled.

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What we do


  • Successfully conducted 3 hackathons

  • 4 ideas being incubated

  • 3 ideas in the process of being piloted


Waste Impact  will be end to end solution providers from facilitating innovation platforms, identifying solutions, incubating them and implementing them at grass roots level to creating safe, productive livelihoods for the economically and socially disadvantaged communities in the waste sector.