Hackathon Overview

Why do they work?

  • Unstructured environment
    ⦁    Intense with free flow of ideas

  • Heterogenous environment enabling learning
    ⦁    Garage like environment with people working together thrashing out the ideas

What are Hackathons?

  • An event of any duration where people come together to solve problems creatively. 

  • Reimagine waste hackathon is a beautiful marriage of solving day to day waste issues while being inclusive of technological innovations. 

Who do they benefit?

  • The waste managing community

  • Small businesses and entrepreneurs

  • Smarter  and cleaner cities

  • Waste pickers and other under served  communiyies

  • All of us!!

Who can participate?

Some qualities for participants might include
⦁    Sensitivity
⦁    Open mindedness
⦁    Empathy
⦁    Passion towards the cause

During the Hackathon

45-Day Challenge

During 45-Day Challenge

ReimagineWaste 3

Theme: Water, Waste & Livelihoods

Another successful event in the books:

  • 181 participants

  • 30 Paurakarmikas participated

  • 86 ideas pitched

  • 29 solutions registered by 29 teams

  • 4 prizes worth over INR 2 lakhs won

Congratulations, winners of  REImagineWaste 3!

1st Prize (INR 100,000): Rakshak

2nd Prize (INR 50,000): Flow Tensor

3rd Prize (INR 25,000): Wattage from Sewage

Special Prize (INR 75,000):  Waste-e-preneurs

Next step: The 45 day challenge

The 45 day challenge is now open to all the teams to take their ideas forward into realising their  entrepreneurial ambitions.

* Zero-waste event

See more details here

Click here for the final presentations of the teams the

participated in the third 45-day challenge

Final poster.png

Previous Hackathons

REimagiNEWaste2 – The Street Food Vendor- was conducted in collaboration with CPDM, IISc in August 2017. It had the following outcome:

⦁    175 participants including 26 Pourakarmikas,15 Waste Collectors and 7 Street Vendors.
⦁    21 solutions registered
⦁    3 teams won prizes

As with ReimagineWaste 1, a 45 day challenge was announced.
⦁    17 teams registered
⦁    3 teams have come up to the finals and are getting ready for piloting.
⦁    SteamIT: Awarded the special prize at the 3M-CII young innovator challenge. 
⦁    Team 3C : A limited pilot being conducted in July 2018 in Sanjay Nagar, Bengaluru.
⦁    Green Appetite : The first prize winner also looking for support to pilot initiative.


Click here for the final presentations of the teams the

participated in the second 45-day challenge

REimagiNEWaste1 - The Waste Picker -  was conducted in collaboration with CPDM, IIsc in April 2016 for four days and had the following outcome: 

⦁    200 participants including 40 Waste Pickers and People from all walks of life.
⦁    36 teams pitched to be among finalists 
⦁    12 made it to the finals.
⦁    9 Eminent judges took an hour and half  to declare
⦁    6 winning solutions

 45 day Challenge Outcome:
    17 teams registered
⦁    7 came up to finals
⦁    2 teams (Trixie & Waste Samaritan) piloted & in the process of being incubated 
(click here for more information).

Click here for the final presentations of the teams the

participated in the first 45-day challenge

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